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  1. December update - Prints Now Available

    2023-12-11 16:16:38 UTC
    Hey everyone Just a quick post to say what’s up and fill you in on a little of the crazy ride we’ve been on lately at mcardphoto industries. The holidays are finally here, and man, it’s been a wild one these past few months. But guess what? We’re back on…

  2. Taking A Leap - On Lumix

    2023-07-29 00:19:19 UTC
    Lately it has come to my attention that I shoot as much or more video than photos, these days. I have had the great honor of doing some work experience with some very talented videographers here in Cork over the past few months, from full blown commercial shoots in a…

  3. Oppenheimer - A Once In A Generation Event

    2023-06-30 16:15:15 UTC
    I have been following Oppenheimer and it’s release for months now, practically since the movie was announced. But the past week or so, I have really gotten Oppenheimer fever Technical things aside, this kind of release has not happened for a very long time. These days, we are so used…

  4. Back To Posting Updates!

    2023-06-29 22:34:27 UTC
    Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it Good reason for that, been so busy with work and life that just posting occasionally to Instagram was enough for me. Glad to say that I am going to be back to posting short updates about the business and the art that is…

  5. Low Light Shooting on Micro Four Thirds

    2022-10-15 01:13:39 UTC
    I knew purchasing a 4/3rd’s camera that I would be limited when it comes to low-light situations, however having shot quite a few things under fairly unforgiving lighting, I have to say it is nowhere as bad as it was first alleged to be When I was asked to capture…