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  1. Collaboration Piece With Sebastian Thommen!

    2022-02-13 01:35:50 UTC
    Delighted to announce that Sebastian from sebastian_thommen_art on Instagram has taken an interest in one of my images, and is producing a beautiful hand-painted print for sale on his website Cannot wait to see your work come together in this, and I couldn’t have chosen a nicer image. Sebastian specializes…

  2. NorthBorders Paris Meetup 2022

    2022-02-10 23:48:46 UTC
    I’ll be traveling to Paris this coming Wednesday for the NorthBorders meetup, going to be trying to catch a few banger photos while I run around shooting the entire thing in 4k but I will return to Paris soon for a purely photo-centric trip. This event is going to be…

  3. Lumix G9 Test Footage - Incredible Quality! 4k60 @24fps Cine-V Graded

    2022-02-05 01:59:56 UTC
    I knew this camera would be a great video performer, but I was not prepared for the detail in the 4k footage, it is remarkable Video is an important part of content creation at the moment, so I am delighted to have such a solid tool to produce it with…