Oppenheimer - A Once In A Generation Event

I have been following Oppenheimer and it’s release for months now, practically since the movie was announced. But the past week or so, I have really gotten Oppenheimer fever!

Technical things aside, this kind of release has not happened for a very long time. These days, we are so used to having access to movies almost the same day. Remember when Tenet got released online last-minute by the producers? I wonder why that movie flopped.. Oppenheimer is different. It will have a full 100 day theatrical window, as per the contract with Universal. That means that the only way to watch this movie until that window expires, is in the cinema.

On that note, it will only be available at release in IMAX theatres. The reason for this is because Christopher Nolan and his team have really gone out of their way to make sure the film is viewed by as many people, in it’s intended format. That being the huge, 70mm IMAX film they shot it on. Did I mention this is the first film in history to also use Black and White 70mm film? Yeah, that too.

Beyond the story of this movie, there are countless reasons why it is going to be a huge release. This might in fact be one of the only biographic movies in recent history to make it into the top 10/top 50 movies. All of which are currently based on fictional events. Bohemian Rhapsody made the top 100, but that won’t cut it for Oppenheimer and it’s dedicated team, I feel.

Do the movie some justice, and make the effort to go and see this one in the cinema, within it’s theatrical window. This will be the first movie I ever witness in IMAX, and frankly I am as giddy as a wee boy. I am a huge film and cinema nerd, and for this behemoth of a release to be my first experience of IMAX will truly be a blessing.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, get it watched pronto! Great video included below to watch afterwards too!