Upgrading Equipment for Events!

Hello all, hopefully you are dealing with this heatwave better than I!

Just a quick post about some upgraded Event equipment that is going to make the quality of the images produced for my clients  go up exponentially! As if the new 40-150 telephoto from Olympus wasn’t enough..

Firstly I have invested in some gear from Rogue, namely the new FlashBender 2 with the softbox and reflector add-on. I have always thought these looked a bit silly being truthful, but after using them they really do get the job done like nothing else if you are stuck with a single on-camera flash.

The second piece of equipment I have decided to invest in thanks to the ongoing momentum from you wonderful clients, is a battery grip for my main camera, the Lumix G9.

No more changing batteries every hour and a half! It also has controls for easier portrait-oriented shooting. And it’s just as weather-proof as the G9 itself so this will certainly be accompanying me on my outdoor expeditions in future too.

All in all, a great addition to the mcardphoto Gear Vault! Thanks again to those who have chosen to work with me and help me to continue to grow the business.

Have a great day!

- John

*Anything I purchase new is purchased from Barker Photographic and I could not recommend them enough. Most helpful and knowledgeable staff out of any Camera Store I have been in here in Cork! 10/10