Another year down!

Hello everyone, happy 01:16am!

I have not had much to update this page with recently, been very busy with work - both of the photographic type and the not-so-photographic type!

I celebrated my 25th birthday this week with a trip to the Ballincollig Regional Park, where I snapped this photo of a bird:

I continue to be impressed by the insane sharpness of this new lens. Even all the way out at 300mm equivelant, wide open at f2.8 - it is still so clear! I actually think it might be sharpest at 2.8, I don’t even need to stop down to help it out… Look at the detail in the screenshot below, which was taken at 100% zoom in Lightroom. The focus could be better but I am putting that down to me being in a slightly slower shutter speed than I would have liked on this occasion, as this guy was moving his head like no tomorrow! I included a screenshot zoomed all the way out for reference too below.

But yes, that is all I did for my birthday! I have never been one for big celebrations and I have really been putting a lot of time into both my business and my personal affairs, trying to get ready to move to Europe in a couple years, so a quiet afternoon in the forest and a drink or two with a friend was enough for me. The grind rests for no man!

So that’s all the news really, I am excited to shoot an upcoming Drift event for charity at Watergrasshill this weekend and share those images here when they are finished so keep an eye out for that too! Go check out TS Drift Days if you are interested in coming out for the event, only €20 a head - and a fantastic cause to boot.

Have a good one, and thank you for stopping by. Here’s to surviving yet another year on this wonderful spinning rock we call home.

- John