Changing Things Up!

Hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to a great weekend!

I have decided to migrate the business to SquareUp and move away from SumUp’s services, which I have been using for a few months now to process payments and issue Quotes & Invoices.

The reason for this is due to an underlying issue with SumUp’s delivery model, but I am glad to let you know that I have been researching this for quite a few months, awaiting a resolution from SumUp, and the features & services available on SquareUp are far better anyway!

Paying deposits and accepting Quotes will be easier than ever, plus your Invoices will get a lot tidier and more informative. As well as this you are now able to save your payment information (returning clients will be extremely happy to hear this!) and apply a tip to your final payment if you would like to!  However the biggest benefit to this migration is that I am now able to offer Gift Cards which can be applied against any non-commercial shoot. These will be launched in the coming weeks and can can be spent either partly or in full, on as many shoots as the recipient desires - as they never expire. You can read more about them on SquareUp’s FAQ page here.

For those who have already booked a shoot with me and paid their Deposit, nothing will change and your final invoice will still be issued by SumUp. Any outstanding quotes issued via SumUp will no longer be valid as of Thursday 28/01/2022 unless re-issued and If you have a recurring invoice such as a monthly recurring licensing fee for one of your past shoots, these will be migrated to SquareUp once any outstanding invoices are paid. Your billing cycle will remain unaffected as well as any terms set out in the original invoice.

I think that this update will take some getting used to, but has a seemingly never-ending list of benefits for both the business and those I offer my services to!

So that’s the news this time around, I really appreciate those who have supported this business these past few months so your feedback is incredibly important too - if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions you can use the contact form on the Home page to reach out any time!

Thanks again,

- John