Bruxelles Art Vue Book & F-Stop Magazine

Hello all -  happy Saturday;

Some of my images have been selected by F-Stop magazine for a group exhibition in this month’s online edition - Amusement

As well as this great news, I would also like to share that in about one month, you will be able to buy a hardcover edition of the Bruxelles Art Vue book - Street Life 2022 - which includes a selection of some of my favorite street photos that I have taken this year!

Art Vue Foundation supports and promotes all activities in the field of culture and art, by publishing collective art albums, organizing and participating in art fairs and exhibitions as well as
awarding the Art Vue Foundation Prize.

If you would like to donate to the Foundation you can use this link:

You can view the entire online edition of the book here, or if you would like to purchase a hardcover edition of your own please reach out to me to arrange, as they are quite scarce and must be ordered individually!

Many thanks to the publishers and the foundation for selecting my images to be part of this piece of work.

- John

Paris Photowalk 2022

28 hours with no sleep and 35k steps later… What an experience..

Met so many creators last night, and of course I am still replaying in my head the fantastic conversations I had with Mike, Liam, Faye and Sam, all their pages on Instagram will be linked below - cannot stress how down to earth these guys are!

I expect fully to attend the next one, and am beyond thrilled at the little community we have now formed to share our work and offer support to each other. Photographers, Filmmakers, all content creators alike - we share a common goal and all have our own individual strengths.

Make sure you check out the pages below unless you want to disrespect your eyes because they bang out some seriously dope stuff practically daily. I will be posting all of the images I keep from last night on both IG and the website tomorrow, tempted to make a special page just to share the groups photos too!

We are still deciding on a hashtag to use to find them all in the future so stay tuned.

As promised, the links to their pages:





Thanks for stopping by, 

- John

Collaboration Piece With Sebastian Thommen!

Delighted to announce that Sebastian from sebastian_thommen_art on Instagram has taken an interest in one of my images, and is producing a beautiful hand-painted print for sale on his website!

Cannot wait to see your work come together in this, and I couldn’t have chosen a nicer image. Sebastian specializes in architectural pieces so this will be very exciting.

I will post more updates on his project here on the Feed and will absolutely be showing off my print when it arrives!

Find Sebastian’s work on his website and Instagram which you can find below:

Best of luck with it!