Most Photographed Country on Earth

Weekend blessings to you all,

I have been wondering lately whilst browsing what the most photographed country was on the site. Luckily - they provide that information by showing how many spots are logged for each country.

Not necessarily the “most photographed” country, but certainly this statistic shows the most unique country I would say.

Germany currently leads with 6135 different spots for the whole country. Crazy that the US has just over half that given its relative size. Ireland however, only has 416 spots logged.

I say we absolutely have over 6135 interesting or unique-enough-to-be-considered spots in our wonderful little nation that could be logged on the site. It would take a hell of a lot of work, and some of the best photographic minds the country has to offer - But I think we are up to the challenge.

I am going to start uploading as many of my geo-taggable shots as I can to the site to help bolster our numbers and I invite you to do the same. Germany is cool and all, but we’re cooler.

War waits for no man, lets get out there and get the job done. See you on the battlefield.

- John